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Organic Cotton Swaddles ~ Sleepy Moons and Bears

2-pack of extra large cotton swaddles featuring our unique designs ~ Little Zebras and Forest Friends. 

Our swaddle blankets are made from 100% unbleached, pre-washed, organic cotton. They’re incredibly soft and with each wash will get softer and softer. They measure 120cm x 120cm (47 x 47 inches) so you can easily swaddle even the biggest of babies.

Most babies will sleep better when they are swaddled as this prevents the moro, or startle, reflex. Swaddling can help to recreate conditions in the womb making baby feel snug and secure. In addition to swaddling our blankets can be used as a nursing/pram cover, burp cloth, changing mat, receiving blanket etc. They’re also beautifully packaged making them an ideal baby shower gift.

Most cotton swaddles, even organic ones, are made from bleached fabric. Bamboo may be grown organically but the process of converting it into fabric relies on the use of harmful chemicals. Only unbleached, organic cotton is produced without the use of any chemicals or pesticides and is the best choice for baby's delicate skin.


United Kingdom

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