Organic Cotton Swaddles ~ Butterflies and Forest Friends - Koko Kids

Organic Cotton Swaddles ~ Butterflies and Forest Friends

2-pack of extra large cotton swaddles featuring our unique designs ~ Butterflies and Forest Friends

Our swaddles are made from 100% unbleached, organic cotton and are a natural, creamy white. Most cotton swaddles, even organic ones, are made from bleached fabric which adds unnecessary chemicals to the fabric that may irritate a new baby’s delicate skin. Organic cotton has also been shown to last up to 5 times longer than standard cotton as the fibres haven’t been damaged by harsh chemicals.

The swaddles measure 120cm x 120cm (47 x 47 inches) so you can easily swaddle even the biggest of babies. They're soft and breathable allowing baby’s body temperature to regulate naturally.

In addition to swaddling our blankets can be used as a nursing/pram cover, burp cloth, changing mat, receiving blanket etc. Already incredibly soft, with each wash they will get softer and softer. 

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