Neutral Nursery

Neutral Nursery

Keep a sense of calm and serenity with neutral tones in the nursery. Here are our favourite inspirational images for a neutral nursery haven.

Boho Inspired

neutral-nursery-bohoKeep it cool and natural with boho inspired pieces. Natural materials like bamboo and wicker along side plants, wall hangings and muted, earthy tones.

Light and Bright


Neutral doesn't have to be bland, keeping a room light and airy with white or off white walls creates more space and leaves you to decide how to accessorize. Simplicity is key with Scandenavian inspired furniture gives a modern fresh look.

Hanging features


Add interest with ceiling or wall hangings. Hanging, trailing plants are great for adding greenery to otherwise plain areas or walls.  Also try looking for vintage inspired dream catchers, weavings and wall hangings for subtle and calming touches.
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