Animal themed Nursery

Animal Decor has always been a popular nursery theme, but how do you add it in a new, fresh and contemporary way? Here's how!

Animal prints

animal-printsThere are so many gorgeous prints around. Try the more traditional photography prints in black and white, pencil illustartions or go for something modern and fun like this dog print from Norse at Etsy

Soft and Cuddly

double-animalWhat little one doesn't like a cuddly toy? There are so many gorgeous designs out there at the moment. Vintage style soft toys are really on trend and look so cute. Bedding is another way to incorporate the animal theme in and when they get bored you can have another design on rotation.

Jungle Plants

Plants-in-nurseryAnother great way to add a touch of the jungle is with houseplants. Good for the air and they look great. If you feel you're not green fingered then try easy-to-keep succulents or a peace lily. 

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