Bamboo Suction Plates

Our bamboo suction dinnerware is made from natural bamboo wood. Ideal for finger food/snacks or prepared meals such as pasta or pureed vegetables, they're fitted with a strong silicone suction ring that little hands won’t be able to remove. However, when mealtimes are over, simply lift the tab and the plate or bowl will come away easily from the surface it is attached to. The suction ring is removable which allows for easy cleaning and also means you can use as a regular dish once your child is old enough. Our suction rings are available in 2 colours - pink or mint - and each plate or bowl comes in a gift box the same colour as the ring colour you choose.

By partnering with the company who hold the patent for the production of this type of suction plate, we have ensured the very best quality, durability and safety of our plates. They’re completely free from BPA, phthalates and other toxins and conform to US and EU food safety standards.

Best of all they make mealtimes fun! Get creative with your recipes and serving ideas as your little one starts to explore the world of food.

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