5 creative ways to make a magical first Christmas for your baby

5 creative ways to make a magical first Christmas for your baby

As a parent, you never forget your baby’s first Christmas so you’ll want to make it as special as you can. This is the time to introduce your little one to the magic of the season by getting festive and creating some lasting family memories and Christmas traditions. December is a busy time for year for all mums especially if there’s a young baby in the house, so here are some simple ideas to help you make your baby’s first Christmas memorable. 

Christmas decorations

Fillable baubles from Hobbycraft. Photo Christmas bauble from NotOnTheHighStreet.com. Salt dough imprint tutorial by You're So Martha.

As soon as the fairy lights and baubles are out of their boxes it starts to feel like Christmas. This year to celebrate baby’s first Christmas you could create some simple decorations of your own. Your baby will love the twinkling lights and shiny bright objects.

Tree decorations using baby keepsakes can make a lovely reminder each year of your baby’s first Christmas. You can simply hang a baby bootie or first shoe by a ribbon or you can use fillable baubles to hold hospital bracelets, scan pictures, or your baby’s first hat. Packs of fillable baubles are available from Hobbycraft

Another sweet idea for personalised tree decorations is hand and foot imprint Christmas ornaments. These also make great gifts for doting grandparents. You can make these yourself simply by using salt dough, see this tutorial.

Decorating the house for Christmas can be fun family affair especially if for older siblings so don’t forget to hang some personalised Christmas stockings for everyone.

Make it personal

Mum & baby reindeer pyjamas from NotOnTheHighStreet.com. Baby imprint and frame kit from Amazon.

Even though your baby won’t remember their first Christmas you’ll definitely want to capture those special moments with a family Christmas photo. Whether you decide to book a professional photographer or do it yourself, don’t forget to dress for the occasion. Santa hats and reindeer antlers are great for Mum and Dad and there are so many cute Christmas outfits for dressing up your little one. 

Personalised Christmas cards are a lovely way of sharing the joy of your baby’s first year with friends and family. If you’re organised in time you could send out the family Christmas photo to your list or baby footprints or handprints make great art for Christmas cards. You can find a mess-free baby imprint kit here.

You can order your personalised Christmas cards on Papier.com or create an e-card on smilebox if you prefer to go the digital root and save on paper, postage and time.

Decorating the nursery

Fairy lights and star string lights both from Lights 4 Fun.

If you decide to decorate the nursery remember to keep it low key - you don’t want anything too distracting at bedtime. Think about using fairy lights or a mini Christmas tree. 

Start some Christmas rituals

Personalised Christmas Eve Box and Baby Grow from NotOnTheHighStreet.com.

Every family has its own traditions for this time of year including Christmas outings, going to see the lights, Elf on the shelf, cooking festive treats and storytelling or watching a favourite movie on Christmas eve. With a new addition to your family, now’s the time to start creating some rituals of your own.

Christmas eve boxes for the kids on the evening of the 24th are a lovely way to begin your celebrations. And what child doesn’t love an early Christmas present? Fill the box with shiny tactile objects or some favourites toys for your littlest family member and as your children grow you could include chocolate treats, a letter from Santa, a tree ornament, books and other little Christmas gifts.

Giving new pyjamas or slippers on Christmas eve is a great way of preparing excited children for bed ahead of the big day. You can find some cosy personalised Christmas sleepsuits here on Etsy and if you want to get in on the pyjama action yourself might like these mummy baby pyjamas on Not on the Highstreet

Treat yourself

Left: Merino wool throw from Wolletjebol.  Right: Cashmere bed socks from Brora.

Don't forget to treat yourself a little bit this Christmas. Whether you're a first-time mum or have a small brood to wrangle, it's a busy time of year so make a little time for you. Get into your comfiest clothes and curl up on the sofa with a hot drink and a movie or a book.

Remember that your baby doesn’t know about Christmas yet so you don’t have to do too much or spend a lot of money to make it magical. Just create a cosy relaxed family atmosphere, include them in your celebrations and enjoy watching your child discover the delights of this very special time.

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