Pink & Grey Girl's Children's Rooms

Pink & Grey Girl's Children's Rooms

If your little girl loves pink but you want to keep it stylish, try teaming shades of pink with grey for a classic, versatile look.

I love grey. It is slick, neutral and versatile. I’ve become familiar with the endless interior spaces using grey as their staple colour. Adding pops of colour to these rooms make the space interchangeable. 
When looking at visual ideas for a nursery or little girls bedroom, I discovered I was being drawn to the grey and pink rooms. Pink is not usually my first choice, as it can look too girly for some children. However, add grey into the mix and you have a match made in interior heaven.

The Perfect Shade

Another contributing factor to how effective the use (of the sometimes slandered) pink, is to be aware of all the many hues. The intensity and saturation of a cool, soft, blush pink are entirely different to that of a bold, bright cerise. This careful decision making is essential when deciding on the complimentary greys.

Things to Consider

Consider may be the size of the room- does it need a whole statement wall and will a darker hue decrease the aspect of space? Will the colours work with the furniture and accessories you have already? Do you want a soft traditional look or perhaps a more contemporary feel? All of this is great fun to work out and before you know it you will have the little girl's bedroom of your dreams!

Alternative Pinks

I have found myself absolutely loving the muted tones of pink. Almost grey/pinks. Apricot, almond and coral shades are also an alternative to the popular “barbie” pink. These more grown-up versions of the colour can be found in some beautiful soft furnishings and bedding available at the moment. Teamed with perhaps some silver grey or taupe statement furniture (or a painted brick wall if you have the chance!) this will be a child's room to be proud of.

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