Keeping your baby's environment toxin-free

Keeping Your Baby's Environment Toxin-free

Many wall stickers can be an unwanted source of toxins in your child's environment. Stickers made from fabric adhesive offer a safe alternative.

Most parents these days work hard to remove toxic chemicals from their baby’s environment. They buy organic food served in BPA-free dishes. They check toys and teethers are free from PVC and paint nursery walls with paint that's free of VOCs. So why choose a wall sticker that will literally pollute the air your baby breathes? Vinyl wall stickers are a source of phthalates as well as volatile organic compounds that are associated with neurological conditions.

Wall stickers are a great way to decorate your child's room or baby nursery ~ they can transform a room quickly without the fuss of paints or stencils. However, most companies produce their decals using vinyl. That's vinyl as in polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC), sometimes referred to as the most toxic plastic.

Nursery Wall Stickers

Fabric Wall Stickers Make a Great Choice for the Nursery and Children's Rooms

Non-toxic Wall Stickers
All of our wall stickers are made using a multi US-patented adhesive fabric that is free from vinyl, PVC, BPA and phthalates. As well as being non-toxic the stickers will biodegrade once disposed of. We’ve even considered our packaging - we wrap our stickers in cellophane (compostable) and post them in cardboard tubes (recyclable).

Removable and Re-usable
Another thing to consider is that while vinyl wall stickers are removable the vast majority are one-use only as they have to be scraped from the wall. Our fabric wall stickers can be removed and repositioned over and over without losing stickiness. That means you can easily move them to another wall, another room or even another house!  But the benefits don’t just come in the long-term. When applying wall stickers it can take time to get the design just right. With fabric stickers, if you don’t get it right the first time just peel them off the wall and reapply, it’s that simple.

Fabric Wall Stickers are Removable AND Reusable

A lot of our customers are decorating a nursery in the final stages of pregnancy and love the ease with which our stickers can be applied, but best of all you (and baby) can sleep safely knowing they're not adding to a toxic environment. 

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